The Shy Sisters Do Woods™ Canada Dream Job

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My sister and I can sense that something really BIG and awesome is about to happen to both of us.  This summer we will be going on an adventure across our true north, Canada.  We want to share with everyone that we have just fulfilled all requirements and we applied for the Woods™ Dream Job.  It was a pure test to see what we could create and deliver together, as a team.  Some limitations included our distance from each other.  As most already know, I am living in Iceland these days on the edge of the Arctic circle working on my Masters degree.  Maxine, she is home in Canada and at uni doing her best to get things in second year wrapped up with exams and assignments.  Lots to juggle, but we found a balance and we pushed on to get our 59 second video in.  Tired yawns, laughs, close to a few tears, and some fun sisterly love... was what kept us sane.  When we hear the news, we will share with you everything on our journey across the Trans Canada Trail.  Get familiar with Woods™ gear. Make sure to join us on our Adventure and become fans!



Aussi connu comme "Humpback Whale". Celui-ci en particulier a été vu en Islande ... dans une grande baie appelée Ísafjarðardjúp. Cette grosse baleine a fait une merveilleuse plongée pour nous juste sur le côté tribord du bateau. Cette photo a été prise l'été dernier le 24 juillet 2013 par Natalie Chaylt.